Energy Policy, Investment Support and Due Diligence

Our Expertise

Theon can provide support in the following areas Energy Policy, Investment Support and Due Diligence:

  • Energy Policy and Economics
  • Safety and Environmental Risk Analysis
  • Energy Mix Reliability Analysis
  • Implementation Strategy Development
  • Investment Appraisal and Risk Analysis
  • Technical Assessment and Valuation of Existing Facilities
  • Aquisition Support and Project Evaluation

Theon’s experts have an unrivalled understanding of the energy mix. Many of our experts are recognised engineers with expertise in deployment of technology for the energy sector. Our engineers are supported by economists, project managers and commercial specialists. We can identify the appropriate energy strategy, develop an implementation plan and provide technical and commercial support during execution.

Investment appraisal is critical in energy projects and it is essential to ensure technology is correctly deployed at the best return on the investment.  We can develop and analyse tarriffs as these will directly affect the selection of technology and its operation.  We review investments using a mulititude of techniques including Capital Asset Pricing Models, Net Present Value and Internal Rate of Return.  Our field planning expertise allows us to identify unique ways of using scarce resources to generate power and minimise pollution.  We can establish costs for several development options and select the most technically feasible and economic option.

We have unique methodologies for assessing project risks and identifying mitigating measures.

We can provide technical support to acquisitions including assessment of true economic value of the facilities and energy reserves.

Theon is a completely independent, impartial energy industry consultancy recognised for its commercial and technical expertise. We have developed a track record and reputation with clients in UK, Europe, Africa, CIS and Middle East for providing commercial, strategic and technical advice to the upstream, midstream and downstream industry.

Our Experience

Our engineers and consultants have exceptional skills in asset management, due diligence, change management and management improvement. Our management skills, combined with our pragmatic technical understanding adds value and insight to these challenges. We have conducted projects in the following areas:

  • Commercial Support in Public Offerings, Litigation, and Arbitration
  • Expert Witness Support – Commercial and Technical Disputes, Losses and Accidents
  • Evaluation of Options for Profitable Field Development and Assessment of Farm in Options
  • Due Diligence Support for Acquisition and Divestment of Assets
  • Corporate Restructuring to Reduce Costs and Schedules and Improve Project Efficiency
  • Option Identification, Assessment and Ranking to Reduce Operational Costs for Existing Assets
  • Development of Field Life Extension Options to Defer Capital Expenditure Including Decommissioning Liabilities
  • Support to Governments and Oil Companies in Developing Energy Strategies and Policies
  • Provision of Support to Banks in Technical Due Diligence
  • Development of Bankable Feasibility Studies to Investors
  • Identification of Exit Plans from Projects and Developments