Training in Energy Engineering,
Project Management and Asset Management

Our Expertise

Development of graduate engineers and experienced personnel is crucial to Energy sustainability. With a broad range of engineering, training and competence evaluation skills at our disposal, Theon has the ability to develop and deliver effective training to the Energy industry in engineering, project management and asset management.

Theon has experience of developing and delivering training portfolios worldwide. We have a range of training courses that can be utilised as stand-alone development courses to target specific competencies or as part of a managed, integrated program of development within our client’s framework.

Any of our courses can be delivered as a generic package to include participant activities or can be tailored to deliver asset specific training for operations and engineering staff where specific designs, P&IDs, control narratives, operating manuals etc. are provided.

Theon’s training is not delivered by pure academics, software providers or equipment vendors but is provided by seasoned industry engineers and managers who are experts in their respective areas and impart a practical and pragmatic approach to trainees.

Training courses can be delivered at client’s facilities or bespoke training can be provided at specialist centres in the UK or developed in country to suit the needs of the trainees.

All of Theon’s courses are presented by seasoned engineers and managers who are experts in their subject matter. Our experienced course tutors bring the subject to life through real-world examples from around the world and create a positive learning environment where participation is encouraged.

We use a variety of learning tools such as videos, quizzes, case studies and exercises to reinforce learning objectives. All courses are modular so can be tailored to meet your requirements.

Theon has the ability to develop and deliver effective training to the Energy industry in engineering, project management and asset management.

Introduction To Energy Facilities

  • Technical Overview for Engineers
  • Overview for Non-Technical Staff

Project Management

  • Project Management – Project Planning
  • Risk Evaluation, Contracting Strategies
  • Opportunity Realisation and Project Management
  • Practice Overview
  • Contractor Management

Petroleum Engineering And Field Development

  • Strategic Field Development and Planning
  • Field Development Economics
  • Conceptual Design Development, Costing and Ranking

Oil And Gas Processing

  • Process Engineering
  • Oil and Gas Separation
  • Gas Dehydration and TEG Regeneration Plant
  • Gas Sweetening
  • Flow Assurance


  • Pump Control and Operation
  • Gas Turbine Control and Operation
  • Centrifugal Compressor Control and Operation
  • Reciprocating Compressor Control and Operation
  • Rotating Equipment Engineering

Instrumentation And Control Design And Optimisation

  • Instrument and Control Engineering
  • Instrumentation and Control Systems
  • Process Control and Loop Optimisation

Asset Integrity, Maintenance Management And Operations

  • Reliability and Uptime Management
  • Strategic Maintenance Planning
  • Maintenance Planning Principles
  • Operations Readiness

Process Safety

  • HAZOP Leadership and Accreditation
  • HAZOP Participation