The Rock Doctor Chronicles 2: The Mountain to Climb

The Mountain to Climb

To the engineers in Theon, I’m somewhat of an anomaly, as I’m a Geophysicist by trade, and the “black magic” style that engineers view geophysicists as employing, has earned me the nickname: the “Rock Doctor”. I have a wide-range of skills, which puts me in the unique position of flexibility amongst the engineers here. I also have a solid background in customer service, which means I can approach and talk to Clients, which is another way I help out. I enjoy a good waffle, as I’m sure you’ve picked up, but it must be working, because you’ve read this far!

Aberdeen, nicknamed the Grey City after the Granite that it is built out of, and the colour of the average sky, stunned Aberdonians on Saturday, by breaking that trend. It was sunny (and the sky was blue!) and so all of the Graduates, or “Gophers” as we’re affectionately called by the more “experienced” engineers, went out for a day at the driving range and some snooker at a local country club to take advantage of the weather. Theon is very good at encouraging a healthy work-life balance, but when required, we’re happy to grind through the gears to achieve a Client’s requests.

So, you’ve noticed the title, and are probably wondering what mountain Theon had to climb this week? Well, Theon were awarded a contract to complete a detailed conceptual study for a major EPC Contractor on a planned multi-billion dollar oil and gas development in a much (much) warmer location than the UKCS. The planned development will be a greenfield, offshore facility and our aims for this project are to provide our Client with the recommendations necessary to develop a facility that demonstrates the ALARP (As Low As Reasonably Practicable) principle. One of the core aims of Theon is to provide an as expedient as possible service, whilst maintaining total professionalism and quality, and we have never failed to achieve that. By the way, the mountain (the catch) is, we have 2 weeks to finish, wish us luck!

Enjoy your weekend, all.

Liam Shield

Graduate Engineer