The Rock Doctor Chronicles 1: Casual Friday

Casual Friday

Casual Friday to some means shorts, t-shirt and even, possibly, an early finish at 2pm, but to us here at Theon, it means winning the rights to support a blue-chip operator, and burning the midnight oil, to deliver to their expectations. So, what did Theon win, you may ask. Theon won a contract to provide a conceptual study for a planned multi-billion dollar oil and gas development overseas, and we have set a punishing pace to deliver a fantastic and comprehensive set of recommendations to meet the Client’s expectations. These recommendations come from the review of numerous highly complex and multi-disciplinary concepts, involving both topsides and subsea infrastructure, and cost estimation following the selection process.

How am I involved? I have a particular set of skills: I’m good with people and highly organised, so it was my responsibility to effectively run the show, under the tutelage of our lead Project Engineer and Directors. Meeting the Client and taking representatives from the country out to dinner, all fully expensed, of course, are part of my responsibilities! I helped train the new starts and fixed whatever it is needed fixing (I may not be a physical engineer, but I can fix documents, templates, spreadsheets, PDFs and a cracking cup of tea!).

As our Casual Friday draws to a close, the engineers, long exhausted by the arduous marathon of trying to complete the job, perk up at the rapidly approaching time where work becomes play! Beer and whisky will flow tonight, that’s for sure, but for our more moderate team members, a nice soda or soft drink and a meal will be in order, because we’ll have earned it!

So that’s what Theon gets up to on Casual Friday, so what about the weekend? We may hit the golf club, then the restaurant, then the bar, or we may just take the time to relax. What does your company get up to on a Casual Friday?

Enjoy your weekend, all.


Liam Shield

Graduate Engineer